Case study

Coffee Lottery is a coffee shop based in Jakarta Indonesia, where coffee buyers can scan the QR on a coffee cup and register for the lottery and win prizes. On another side, Admin can create lotteries, view participants, and generate unique QR codes to print on cups.

Coffee Lottery

What we did

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Website Development

Website Development


Challenging part of admin is that we have to generate unique QR codes and sizes according to the cup of coffee. Also, We have to manage every functionality even if price constraints.

Unique QR system
Random winner picker that can be editable by the admin

Final Design

Coming live soon

This project is complete but it is pending to go live. We will update the status once it's live.

This website is now live. Check out our work below!

This project is now live. Check out our work below!

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