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Why Webflow Is Better Than Wordpress?

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Why Webflow Is Better Than Wordpress?

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There are so many choices for building websites that it can be overwhelming for anyone just starting. The two most popular solutions are Wordpress and Webflow, which are highly capable solutions. 

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is a free and open-source platform for publishing and managing your website or blog. It's one of the most popular web publishing platforms globally, with over 240 million websites using it today.

WordPress is written in PHP and stores its data in a MySQL database. Its functionality is extended by thousands of plugins that can be integrated into the Wordpress core experience.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create responsive websites without coding. You can switch between desktop and mobile views while designing your site, so it's easy to see how your design will look on different devices. It also includes an advanced visual editor that lets you add custom code snippets, amazing animations, and more.

However, Webflow offers some key advantages over Wordpress for building a modern website.

So, why is Webflow better than WordPress? This is because it gives the ability to start a website without writing code. It's not the only tool in doing this, but experts at micro1 think it does it best. Webflow has many tools and functions that work flawlessly with one another (and much more). As a team of premium Webflow users at micro1, we want to share our thoughts on why we chose Webflow over WordPress;

1. No Coding Required

Webflow is a visual editor that lets you drag-and-drop elements into place on your web page. As a result, you can create any layout or design imaginable — without writing a single line of code. This makes it much easier for non-technical people like artists or designers to quickly create beautiful and professional-looking websites without sacrificing quality or performance.
You can create a functional prototype that looks like the final product with just a few clicks. You can then make changes in real-time as you build your website, so you can see exactly how things will look and behave before publishing them live.

2. Webflow Sites Are Lightning-Fast

Webflow sites are fast because they are built using modern web technologies like CSS Grid and Flexbox, which can make your site load faster than WordPress. In addition, all of your content is stored in one place (the cloud), so there's no need for things like plugins or themes, which slow down your site even more by adding more code. You can create a beautifully animated website without any coding with Webflow.
With Webflow's built-in caching system and CDN integration, pages load quickly, even on shared hosting plans with limited resources. And if you need more power, you can use dedicated server plans with guaranteed uptime at less than half of what other providers charge!

3. You Don't Need To Be a Developer To Create Responsive Websites With Webflow

Webflow isn't just another DIY tool. Instead, it was created for those who know how websites should look and work without getting into the pain of creating them from scratch in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 
Webflow has all the power of WordPress. But it's also incredibly easy to use. You don't need to be a developer to create responsive websites with Webflow—you need an eye for design.
With Webflow, you can create your website, designing beautiful products and experiences from scratch without any coding knowledge or experience. In addition, Webflow makes it easy for non-developers to build professional quality websites with complex layouts and animations. You can use a template or start with a blank canvas in Webflow Designer, which looks like any other graphic design software, and drag and drop elements such as text boxes, images, buttons, etc., into place on the page.

4. Security

Security is a big reason to choose webflow. Webflow has been around for a while, and security has always been a priority. Furthermore, since Webflow is not an open-source platform and does not include any plugins, you do not need to constantly update them and the platform yourself. Therefore, there is no risk of being vulnerable to different attacks like hacking or phishing.

Webflow hosts all sites on their servers, so you'll never have to worry about updating your CMS or server software. It also means that webflow can automatically handle things like DDoS attacks and other problems without you needing to do anything. And if you use an e-commerce site, you'll be happy to know they offer PCI compliance so you can safely accept payments. 

5. Create Your Custom Components

You can make your custom components with Webflow. Unlike WordPress, Webflow allows you to customize every component to fit your brand. You can completely change the look and feel of any list, gallery, navigation menu, or button on your site.

You can create custom form fields, tabs, forms, buttons, popups, sliders, modals, etc. You can also add your CSS styles to the components (which is really useful).
The drag and drop interface makes it easier to design a website without learning any code!

6. Consistent Hosting

WordPress is a self-hosted website building platform, which means you have to find a hosting service that your website can live on. However, this is not the case with Webflow. 
With Webflow, there is no need to find a third-party service. Instead, all your hosting needs are taken care of with Webflow's own platform! This lets you focus on building your site without worrying about moving it later down the road if you want more features or better customer support from another provider. In addition, all sites are hosted on Webflow servers and get the same amazing performance boost from our global content delivery network (CDN), HTTP/2 support, fast SSDs (solid-state drives), and optimized response times according to Google PageSpeed Insights guidelines.
Also, since no third-party services are involved (like Bluehost), any downtime will affect only one company: Webflow. So it shouldn't hurt your site too much either! 

7. Easy Edits

Webflow is a website builder that lets you make edits directly on your page to see exactly how they will look before publishing them. It also lets you invite editors and collaborators to add and update content.  With Webflow, you can create and edit content on your page, so there's no need to manage a messy backend of content management system (CMS) and go back and forth. Once done with the changes you can publish your changes with the push of a button. Webflow makes it easy to manage things by letting editors to invite teammates and clients to add or update content without any designer complexity barrier.

8. SEO Friendly

Both WordPress and Webflow have built-in SEO features that allow you to optimize your content. However, Webflow's SEO tools are far more advanced than WordPress. The best part about Webflow's SEO support is that you don't need a third-party plugin like Yoast to configure your site's SEO. In fact, plugins are not even supported on Webflow! 
For example, with Webflow, you can target specific keywords through structured markup, which helps search engines like Google understand what each page is about. You can also create sitemaps automatically and use automatic indexing for faster page loading times.
When you're using Webflow, SEO is taken care of for you.


Webflow offers much more functionality, flexibility and performance than WordPress.

Webflow is much more than a drag and drop page builder; it's a full-fledged website creation platform that's great for creating both simple, straightforward sites as well as complex, highly-interactive sites with full-on e-commerce capabilities. It also has a lot of great collaborative features to make teamwork easier. In addition, websites built in Webflow are fast, secure, and SEO-friendly. 
So don't wait another second. Use Webflow to take your website designs to the next level without the hassle of coding. Webflow is the future of web development—available right now! And if you want to get started, just let us know what you're working on, and our experts will help you hire dedicated Webflow experts to work for you. We'll put together a solid team of experts from across the globe to build a site that will blow your mind at just $25/hour and without legal and payroll hassle. All you need to do is let micro1 know your requirements and relax.

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