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At micro1, we help companies hire world-class software engineers easily. When you hire with us, you don't have to worry about finding top 1% talent, international employment laws, or benefits. We also have a 1 week free trial per engineer.

Once you've hired a top 1% engineer, you can use our platform to manage the talent at no extra cost. You can send bonuses, track hours, give raises, ask for replacements, and much more.

We're also building AI tools for sourcing and vetting top 1% talent globally.

Work is now remote 1st, companies will be at a large disadvantage if they limit their engineering team to a commuting radius around a specific location. The best engineers live everywhere!

We believe that the next wave of 'big tech' is lean, AI-powered teams. That's why we craft top 1% engineering teams that are AI-Powered for our clients.

A software development company unlike any other. We craft the most beautiful and elegant softwares in the world. Instead of just serving our clients as developers, we are their business partners, helping them build the software and their business at the same time.

We primarily work with react, node.js, AWS, gpt-4, webflow, and typescript. We love companies that care a lot about branding and design. We are a team of around 40 people and our founder is Ali Ansari, an engineer from UC Berkeley.

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Our Incredible team

Ali Ansari

CEO & Founder

Milan Vachhani

Head of Talent

Tushal Raj

Matching talent

William Almeida

Head of growth

Chirag Patel

Technical Recruiter

Meli Chervone

Technical Recruiter

Maria Maron

Senior Account Executive

Twajesh Gelada

Head of Finance

Rahul Sahai

Customer Success Lead

Ritik Jain

Design Lead

Umang Vaghasiya

Backend Lead

Mudit Jain

Frontend Lead

Sakshi Jindal

Head of microLab

Sahil Jindal

Webflow Lead

Himanshu Chawla

Webflow Developer

Dhaval Shah

PM & Frontend Developer

Amit Patel

Frontend developer

Ahmad Sani Barde

Director of Alumio

Syed Zubair Alam

QA Engineer
and more!
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