Our Robust Vetting Process

Every engineer that joins our talent pool goes through our gpt-vetting, 2-3 manual interviews, and takes an AI-Powered engineer course.

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How We Hire?

Loom Video

First, the engineers apply online by attaching a 3 minute loom video of themselves going through their resume. Here we can quickly do most of the filtering by assessing experience, resume, and communication.


A gpt-4 powered test deeply pre-screens the technical knowledge of all candidates.

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1-2 Technical interviews

We then conduct 1-2 technical rounds by senior engineers in our core team.

Casual Interview

After the technicals, we conduct a casual interview to deeply assess their soft skills: communication, passion, and attitude.

AI Superpowers TrainingAI Superpowers Training

After they've passed our vetting process, we take each and every engineer through our 'AI-Powered Engineer' training to teach them how to use github copilot, chatGPT, copilot labs, and more. This makes each engineer approximately 2x more efficient.

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Top 1% micro1 Certified Engineer

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