Our Robust Vetting Process

Every engineer entering our talent pool undergoes gpt-vetting, 2-3 manual interviews, and completes an AI-Powered Engineer course.


Thousands of Inbound Applications

We begin by casting a wide net, assessing thousands of inbound applications to identify exceptional candidates among a diverse talent pool.


Screening at Scale With gpt-vetting

We then screen thousands of candidates at scale with gpt-vetting, the best technical vetting tool powered by AI. This assessment includes a series of theoretical questions followed by a coding exercise.


Soft Skills Interview

We then spend 30 mins assessing communication, passion, and attitude of each engineer joining our talent pool


Customized Technical Interviews

Tailored to job requirements, candidates face 1-2 rounds of 1 hour technical interviews to deeply & precisely assess their technical abilities.


Rigorous Background Check

We prioritize trust and transparency. Our comprehensive background check verifies credentials, ensuring a secure and reliable collaboration.


AI-powered Training

Our team stays ahead with AI-powered training, ensuring consistent enhancement of skills and expertise towards becoming a 10x engineer.

Top 1% engineers

Meet Our Interviewers

Our skilled and experienced interviewers bring a wealth of knowledge and insight, ensuring a comprehensive and positive assessment experience for each candidate.

Lead Interviewer

Prev: Co-founder of Kutumb, a community app with 25M+ users and $25M+ raised.

Aruj Mahajan
Lead AI interviewer
Mudit Jain
Frontend Interviewer
Umang Vaghasiya
Backend Interviewer
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Deep Developer Profile

Based on all the robust details we collect during the vetting process, you get access to the deep developer profiles offering detailed insights into experience, interview notes, and more, providing a comprehensive view of each candidate's journey and capabilities.

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