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Drinking our Own Champagne: How micro1 uses gpt-vetting

micro1 has been successfully matching software engineers with startups and established firms for years, but, oh boy, have we seen a storm of changes in our world lately! The applications are coming in in vast amounts after Big Tech lay-offs. The demands of tech roles are getting more and more complex due to new technologies disrupting ways of working like never before. And everything accelerates like crazy.

We lacked technology to help us navigate the changes.

The Old Ways: Mountains Of Resumes and Guesswork

Here’s what we knew:

  • We needed a more nuanced approach to candidate assessment.
    Gone were the days when we'd scan resumes and nod at degrees. Now, it's all about skills that can't be summed up in bullet points!
  • We needed a more sophisticated, data-enriched, fast, and customizable vetting tool.
    With a tech scene exploding with talent worldwide and a work-from-home revolution, we needed something more than just good instincts and a stack of CVs.
  • We haven’t found a tool to match our requirements.
    We were finding tools that either intimidated candidates with lengthy processes or failed to provide in-depth insights because they were limited to a predefined template that could not take into account the challenges of tomorrow.
  • We needed to shake things up.
    The tech scene's buzzing with talent, and we wanted to tap into that - it was time to ditch the guesswork and bring in something that could keep up with the pace. Something that could look beyond the ink on the resume and see the real person behind it.

The Aha Moment: Creation of gpt-vetting

We didn't find a tool; we built one.

gpt-vetting was our answer to a world where AI-driven tools were cutting through hiring clutter like a hot knife through butter​​. This wasn't just about efficiency; it was about transforming how we connected with candidates.

After we’ve started using gpt-vetting our technical interview success rate has grown by 37% for candidates that had high scores compared to those who had lower scores.

micro1's Technical Interview Pass Rate chart
And here's how we achieved that

micro1’s Method

Candidate’s experience is a thing

Candidates' experience is a critical factor, especially if you deal with the highly skilled and demanding engineers like we do.

Unlike typical assessment tools that often feel like endless interrogations, we’ve built gpt-vetting to offer a concise, engaging interaction, focusing on skills and personality traits rather than just ticking boxes on a resume. We wanted it to be an experience that feels more like a conversation and less like a test, putting candidates at ease and providing a more authentic assessment of their abilities and fit for the role.

We wanted it to be an experience they wanted to share with their professional network.

Vet your own talent with gpt-vetting

Skills Over Degrees

With a landscape shifting towards skill-based hiring, we needed to see beyond titles and degrees. We know humans are limited - we can't be experts in every technological field we need to hire people for. By leveraging AI, we ensure that a candidate's skill mix is evaluated not just accurately, but also in context with the latest industry standards.

15-30 min


Avoid the status quo of long technical assessments. gpt-vetting is only a 15-30 min assessment due to verbal responses for the majority of it


Increase in interview success

Increase your technical interview success rate by more than 2x by screening candidates with gpt-vetting first


Saved per hire

By avoiding many screening calls and technical interviews that end up being a waste of your product team's time

Recruiters powered by AI, not the other way around

At the same time, we did not want a machine to determine a candidate’s fate. Therefore, there is no concept of “passing” or “failing” in gpt-vetting.

The objective is to provide employers with a comprehensive view by offering more data supplementing the candidate’s resume, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and other relevant data points. Each run generates an AI-powered report diving deep into the applicants' technical know-how, beautifully complemented by an audio snippet that adds a personal dimension to the review process.

This allows for numerous ways to customize the hiring process ensuring high-level personalization.

Crafting Personalized Journeys

It wasn't enough for us to just assess skills. Personalization for candidates and employers became our mantra.

We are now able to test candidates on a unique combination of skills, which otherwise would require multiple tests and interviews with various experts from the hiring company, significantly inflating the cost and time of the hiring process. gpt-vetting streamlines this by generating unique questions for each candidate accurately assessing a wide range of truly diverse skills in a single, efficient session reducing hiring costs and providing comprehensive evaluation of each candidate's capabilities.

Invite candidates to take the gpt-vetting test via email or share link

More Data At The Right Time

At micro1, our process means balance between efficiency and a personalized approach:

  • For the most seasoned roles, a quick 15-minute chat comes first as a preliminary handshake. We get a sense of the person behind the resume before they demonstrate their technical prowess through gpt-vetting.
  • For other roles, applicants start their journey with us via gpt-vetting, making their first impression with code and answers rather than handshakes. They're then followed up with a recruitment screening that digs a little deeper.
  • Some of our customers incorporate the assessment link directly into their LinkedIn job postings.
  • Others opt to extend an invite after a promising interaction.

The opportunities are endless and it’s you who decide where you need that additional data to come in.

Laith Masarweh
Laith Masarweh
Sep 15
CEO & Founder at Assistantly

gpt-vetting has revolutionized the way we do recruiting. It has cut down our processes by 50-60% by automating the candidate skills assessment. We are now able to attract the top 1% of talent in scale, without having to do all the manual work.

Michael Houck
Michael Houck
@callmehouck - Sep 6
Founder at Houck's Newsletter

I checked out the gpt-vetting feature you guys rolled out. Pretty compelling! Will be thankful for it when I hire my next engineer.

Alex Libre
Alex Libre
Sep 6
Head of Talent at Create

Your GTM plan of offering it for free - just long enough that we love it and feel like we need it - worked.

Joaquin Stawsky
Joaquin Stawsky
June 7
Data Analyst at Gridware

Scary good product... not only does it cut down on time significantly for technical interviews but it provides reasoning for each of its ai generated ratings. Excited to see what else micro1 is going to disrupt the industry with.

Amoah Ernest
Yusuf Hilmi
May 30
Founder/CEO at Searchbase

Totally recommend this to anyone who is trying to hire. Faster and better solution than what’s out there. Side Note: Ali is a great founder and micro1 team ships really fast.

Adeel Raza
Adeel Raza
May 30
Product Designer at Plot

gpt-vetting is a really great product! In the fast-paced world analyzing people on technical grounds efficiently is still pretty hard but this tool feels like one step to that ease.

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A Revolution in Recruitment

With gpt-vetting, our world turned upside down – in the best way. We can now tap into a global talent pool, making geographical limits a thing of the past​​. Our interviews became more about discovering potential than ticking boxes.

We've become wizards riding the wave of change, ready for whatever the future of recruitment holds.

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