We helped one of the largest AI companies in Silicon Valley hire 250 engineers in 30 days

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We got approached by one of the largest AI data providers in the world with a demand of 250 engineers within 30  days

These engineers were mainly to train world-class language models with reinforcement learning. The engineers would review input/output pairs and code their own outputs to some prompts.

We met this demand on the dot, within 30 days

How the hell did we do this?

  • For the past ~3 years, we’ve been building an AI recruitment engine tailored towards hiring top software engineers globally in the fastest way possible.
  • Our secret sauce is gpt-vetting: an AI-powered technical interview that happens async. With this, we’re able to cut down the noise & only interview top notch candidates. This results in a very high technical interview pass rate for us internally & for our clients as a byproduct.
  • There’s a TON of work to make sure everyone feels supported when the company moves at a 1000 mph. For that reason, we’ve not only customized the sourcing & vetting process but we’re also helping with the compliance, payroll, benefits, and overall onboarding of every engineer.

Behind the scenes numbers


Applications reviewed


Candidates took our gpt-vetting test


Live interviews conducted


Were sent to the client


Out of those hired

This is around ~85% success rate from interview to hire and recent batches are passing 90%.

Maybe you don’t need 250 engineers in 30 days… maybe you need 20 or maybe just 2. Whatever the number is, our rigorous screening process ensures that only the best remote engineers make it to your virtual doorstep. Fill out a 30 second typeform telling us who your ideal engineer is. Let our matching team take care of the rest.

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