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3 main focuses

Webflow development

We design and develop the most beautiful websites on the internet. We also help with the implementation of pre-existing designs.


We craft the design of your website using a highly iterative process


We can assist in the maintenance of your existing website.



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Why micro1

Amazing Development, Smooth Workflow

Team of 30+ passionate designers and engineers developing with care to make sure our clients are 100% happy.
High Quality
Affordable Cost
Clean Code
Friendly Support

Technologies we work with

GPT - 4
+ many more

Hear from our clients

"Their design abilities were out of this world."

Baylor Adams

Director, Z Fellows

The new website received positive feedback from stakeholders. micro1 delivered great work and managed the project effectively using tools like Monday and Slack. They leveraged their design skills to meet the client's expectations, resulting in a successful relationship.

- Clutch

"Nothing could've made my experience with them better than it was."

Noy Jackont

Founder & CEO, Common Valley

The company has praised micro1's deliverables, describing them as better than expected. micro1 makes numerous fixes and changes even if they don't have to, impressing the client further. They communicate well, and their resources are highly driven and dedicated. Overall, the project is a success.

- Clutch

“They always make sure that we're well taken care of.”

Lyman Starmer

Co-Founder & CEO, PeerLyfe

micro1's exceptional work has broadened the scope of the engagement, and the client praises the improvements they've made. The reliable team communicates effectively and excels at providing top-notch solutions for the client's problems. They are professional and attentive to the client's needs.

- Clutch

“They have stayed on top of every task and never lacked awareness.”

Arian Sadeghi

CEO of Ouro

micro1 has completed building the iOS app within four months and is now developing the Android version. Using and Slack, they communicate smoothly and promptly send updates. Customers can expect a knowledgeable team.

- Clutch

"I was definitely impressed by their eagerness and capabilities in terms of what they can deliver."


Project Manager, MRC Entertainment

The company appreciated how eager the micro1 team was to work on the project. The team went above and beyond what the company expected and executed all their tasks flawlessly. As a result, the company will maintain a relationship with the team for future proiects.

- Clutch

"You'll really feel like they’re on your team when they are working on your project."

John Piersol

Owner, PeerLinc

Thanks to micro1, the client was able to provide a more user-friendly product to their customers. Throughout the engagement, the team was communicative and responsive to the client's concerns. Moreover, they worked as an extension of the client's internal team and provided personalized services.

- Clutch

"The team members provided by micro1 have been extremely responsive and generally highly talented in app development."


Executive, Ultraviolet Labs Inc

The client has been very pleased with the results of the engagement with micro1. They note the team's ability to deliver quality work on time and within budget. micro1's responsiveness and management skills are hallmarks of their work.

- Clutch


What is your project minimum?
Our project minimum is $15k and most of our projects are $50k+
Why microLab?
micro1 offers many options for dynamically scaling up and down your engineering team. For example, after working with microLab on a project, you can hire talent to directly with within your team through our micro1 Talent offering. If you've sourced your own talent, you can use gpt-vetting to vet them. You can also use our dashboard to easily manage the engagement. The ecosystem of micro1 provides a lot of value to our customers.
Do I work with your engineers directly?
If you’re looking to hire engineers directly, go to micro1 Talent.
What is your process?
At a high level, we do design, development, and QA in parallel. After all the modules are complete, we do one round of end to end testing. We then prepare for launch with a launch checklist. After launch, we usually set up a 24/7 support for 3-5 days to make sure the platform is stable.
Do you help with maintenance after the project?
Yes, 1-2 months of free maintenance is included based on project size.

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Tell us about your project