Your global hiring copilot: compliance, payroll, and benefits easily handled.

We hire the talent on your behalf so you don't have to deal with compliance, payroll, or benefits.


Best option for building a global team

Like EOR, but better

COR stands for 'Contractor of record', you get all the benefits of EOR for a distributed team and it's 1/3 the cost.

0 misclassification risk

Misclassifying a contractor can result in large legal fees and fines. With COR, we take on this risk for you.

Easy to use

You can onboard your talent within 5 mins, and get access to our management dashboard for bonuses, time tracking, weekly summaries, and more.

Benefits included

We take care of basic benefits for your team member so you don't have to worry about this. You have the option to add extra benefits if you'd like.

Talent dashboard

Your onboarded talent gets their own dashboard to manage payouts, track hours, and receive bonuses.

Why micro1 COR

misclassifying an employee as a contractor can have major legal fines & other repercussions from labor departments globally.


In india, you generally can’t work with a contractor for more than 6 months without risk of misclassifying them. there’s also some exceptions to this.

Global Problem

The worker’s opportunity for profit & loss is a major test for classifying as a contractor in most countries


In canada, if the worker gets equipment for their work, they are likely classified as an employee


In Brazil, the degree of control over one’s work is the most important factor for misclassification

micro1 COR is the most robust method of hiring a global team, ensuring complete protection against misclassification risks.

Simple Pricing

We charge $490/month per team member.

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What is COR?
COR stands for 'contractor of record', it's similar to EOR but better. We hire the contractor on your behalf so you don't have to worry about international employment laws, global payroll, or benefits.
Is this month to month?
Yes, all contracts are month to month, there's no minimum commitment.
What's included?
Compliance, global payroll, benefits, talent dashboard, and weekly time tracker (optional).

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