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4 easy steps to have a top 1% engineer onboarded.

This is done in 4 days on average.

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The rate you see on the candidate profiles is the rate you pay. No extra fees. The average rate for an engineer is $38/hour.

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project-based work starting at $15k and typically more than $50k for most projects.

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Default state of work is remote

With today's technology, a location constraint is completely unnecessary. We’re building tools to help the future of remote work.

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What is micro1?
We help companies dynamically increase their engineering bandwidth with world-class engineers. We also build AI tools for sourcing and vetting talent globally.
How does the free trial work?
For any engagement with micro1, the 1st week is 100% free.
Will the engineer work directly for me?
The engineer will be in direct contact with you and your company. You can also add the engineer to all of your company channels and softwares; however, you will not be directly hiring the engineer, you will be hiring micro1. Hiring micro1 builds a layer of abstraction for the legal, compliance, global pay, and benefits.
How does billing work?
The engineer's hourly rate is used as reference to calculate the total fixed monthly pay (in other words, their salary). This is done through a stripe subscription and there are no additional costs.
How are you different?
1. Our secret sauce is that we get 200 applications a day & quickly source through them using gpt-vetting powered by gpt-4 and whisper. We then conduct multiple rounds of manual interviews before certifying each candidate.
2. We have a 1 week free trial that allows you to test the engineer in the best way possible.
3. We have a management portal that allows you to easily manage the global HR aspects of your hire: time tracking, payroll, weekly summaries, and more.
4. The micro1 ecosystem allows you to hire full time talent, engage in project-based work, or hire for quick gigs. All your hiring needs are in one place.
What technologies do micro1 developers know?
React, Node.js, AWS, UI/UX, Web3, AI/ML, and much more.

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